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Department Phone Description
Aging, Office for 607.778.2411 To improve and enrich the quality of life by promoting the dignity and independence of the older person and ensuring comprehensive and coordinated services are readily available.
Arena 607.778.1528 Visions Veterans Memorial Arena
Assigned Counsel Program 607.778.3000 The Broome County Assigned Counsel Program (BCACP) is committed to providing and coordinating critical resources for assigned attorneys to utilize to aid in their representation of individuals who are unable to afford retained counsel in criminal defense cases and to promote quality representation by employing guidelines that will ensure compliance with indigent defense standards.
Audit and Control 607.778.2178 Broome County Department of Audit & Control provides professional internal auditing services, in accordance with applicable professional standards.
Aviation 607.763.4455 In Broome County, at the new Greater Binghamton Airport, we offer the service and conveniences you would expect from a first-class airport - all without the stressful crowds and delays.
BC STOP-DWI 607.778.2056 To develop and coordinate a comprehensive DWI counter-measure program to deter the incidence of drunk driving and the occurrence of alcohol related fatal and personal injury traffic accidents. STOP DWI stands for Special Traffic Options Program for Driving While Intoxicated.
BMTS 607.778.2443 The Binghamton Metropolitan Transportation Study is a regional transportation planning agency. Designated under Federal law as a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), BMTS is responsible for developing transportation plans and programs.
Broome Community College 607.778.5000 Broome Community College is a SUNY two-year college in Broome County, New York
Broome County Dog Shelter 607.778.2493 Our primary purpose is to provide quality care for stray and lost adoptable dogs and puppies. The shelter accepts stray and lost adoptable dogs and puppies from eleven contract towns and one city in Broome County.
Coroner & Medical Examiner 607.778.1911 To investigate unattended deaths, suspected homicide, suicide, medical misadventure or disease of public health significance.
County Clerk 607.778.2451 Passports, a copy of your deed or mortgage, a DBA, or perhaps a copy of your Great Grandmother's petition for naturalization are just a few of the important legal documents, which are filed, recorded and stored at your County Clerks' Office.
Courts 607.778.2448 The County Court is located in each county outside New York City. It is authorized to handle the prosecution of all crimes committed within the county.
Department of Motor Vehicles 607.778.2337 We all know if we need to obtain a Driver's license, we go to the Department of Motor Vehicles!
District Attorney 607.778.2423 To represent the People of the State of New York and Broome County fairly and effectively in all criminal proceedings in Broome County.
Elections 607.778.2172 The Broome County Board of Elections is responsible for the honest and efficient operations of all National, State, County, City, and Local elections in our County.
Emergency Services 607.778.2170 Assist public safety agencies in preparing for, responding to and mitigating emergencies and disasters which affect the residents of Broome County.
En-Joie 607.785.1661 The En-Joie Golf Club is an exquisite championship golf course that has been tested on professional golf tours. It is situated in Endicott, New York. The annual Dick's Sporting Goods event takes place at the En-Joie Golf Club. 
Employment & Training, Office of 607.778.2136 A unique partnership focused on helping businesses and individuals, as well as assessing and responding to current and future workforce needs.
Environmental Management Council 607.778.2116 The Environmental Management Council (EMC) was established in 1971 by the Broome County Legislature to preserve, protect, and enhance the local environment. We are one of twenty-four EMCs in New York State.
Ethics, Board of   The Board consists of three members which are appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by the County Legislature.
Executive 607.778.2109 Whether you live in Broome County, just visiting, or planning to make a move here, we invite you to explore the vast resources that make us the Valley of Opportunity!
Family Violence Prevention Council 607.778.2153 Broome County Family Violence Prevention Council has resources on child abuse, parenting, domestic violence and elder abuse. Mission: To reduce all forms of family violence through coordination of area services.
Freedom Of Information Law 607.778.2287 Copies of existing laws and resolutions are available for review in the Clerk of the Legislature's Office along with supporting documents (maps, presentations, etc.) during business hours.
Forum Theatre 607.778.2480 Broome County Forum Theatre.
Geographic Information Systems 607.778.6505 The Broome County GIS Portal provides GIS mapping capabilities and information to all county departments, the local municipalities, and the general public in Greater Binghamton and beyond.
Health 607.778.3930 The Broome County Health Department is committed to preserving, promoting, and protecting the public health and well-being of Broome County residents by preventing diseases, protecting the environment and promoting healthful living.
Highway 607.778.2228 Broome County Department of Public Works manages waste for Broome County at the landfill and recycling center. We also oversee the Environmental Management Council, Highway and Buildings and Grounds.
Historian 607.778.2076 Despite our rich business history, it has always been the story of our people -- the thousands of immigrants and their distinct heritage that have made this region a true melting pot.
Information Technology 607.778.2200 The Broome County Division of Information Technology is divided into two main sections. These are Computer Services and Communication Services.
Jury Commissioner 607.240.5900  
Land Bank 607.778.6001 The mission of the Broome County Land Bank is to foster economic and community development by acquiring, holding, managing, developing and marketing distressed, vacant, abandoned and under utilized properties. Working together to build vibrant neighborhoods.
Law Department 607.778.2117 To legally protect and defend Broome County Government in its deliberations and actions by providing effective legal representation and advice for County Government, including the County Executive, the Legislature and all County departments, boards and agencies.
Legislature 607.778.2131 The County Legislature is composed of 15 elected legislators representing the residents of Broome County. The Legislature is the policy-making body and taxing authority of Broome County. Through its power to legislate and approve appropriations, the County Legislature shapes the direction of Broome County Government.
Library 607.778.6400 Information about the programs, services, and collections of The Broome County Public Library, along with access to its catalogs and other information databases.
Mental Health 607.778.2351 Broome County Mental Health Department.
Office of Management and Budget 607.778.2162 The department is responsible for accurate and complete accounting and reporting of County financial operations in conformance with current governmental Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. OMB also facilitates the optimal use of the public's financial resources and provides timely and useful budget information to the County Executive, Legislature, Department Heads, community, and constituents.
Parks, Recreation & Youth Services 607.778.2193 The Broome County Department of Parks, Recreation & Youth Services is a regionally based parks and recreation system serving a population of over 200,000 people.
Personnel 607.778.2185 Under the direction of the Personnel Officer administers the provisions of the New York State Civil Service Law for the 40 County departments and more than 30 jurisdictions (towns, villages, schools and special districts).
Planning 607.778.2114 The Broome County Department of Planning and Economic Development serves to promote the sound and orderly economic and physical growth of Broome County and its constituent municipalities.
Probation 607.778.2121 The Broome County Probation Department is dedicated to the protection of the community by reducing crime and delinquency, along with facilitating the rehabilitation of offenders of the law.
Public Defender 607.778.2403 This office acts as defense counsel from arraignment through trial and all stages of appeal for cases ranging from simple violations to homicides.
Public Transportation 607.763.4464 A fixed route transportation system. B.C. Transit has forty-three, forty foot long buses with seventeen different routes covering eighty square miles of the urbanized cores of the Triple Cities.
Public Works 607.778.2909 Broome County Department of Public Works is responsible for the design, construction, renovation, operation, and safety of County owned Infrastructure.  Public Works is composed of the following 6 divisions:  Administration, Engineering, Buildings and Grounds, Highway, Security, and Solid Waste.
Purchasing 607.778.2188 Broome County Government Division of Purchasing is charged with the responsibility of insuring compliance with state law in the area of purchasing, as well as, insuring that the county receives quality goods and services at the lowest possible cost.
Real Property 607.778.2169 Technical and professional assistance is provided to other county departments, local governments, local town assessors, school districts, the taxpayers and public, attorneys, and real estate professionals in all aspects of real property tax.
Risk and Insurance 607.778.2402 The Broome County Office of Risk & Insurance, as a division of the law department, is responsible for the administration of three separate internal service sub-funds: risk management, Workers' Compensation and employee/retiree health insurance.
Security Division 607.778.2107 The Broome County Government Security Division provides security services that ensure the safety and security of the county employees and the public that enter County facilities and attend county sponsored special events. These services are designed to provide and maintain an efficient, safe, and orderly work environment.
Sheriff 607.778.1911 Currently the office serves a population of approximately 220,000 people in a 850 mile patrol area. This area encompasses city, suburban and rural type settings. As well as patroling interstates 81, 86 and 88 which pass through the center of the county.
Social Services 607.778.8850 To be an organization which promotes self-sufficiency and assures the protection of vulnerable individuals. We strive to have an organization which values the needs of our customers, the contributions of our staff, and the participation of our community.
Solid Waste 607.778.2250 Broome County Department of Public Works manages waste for Broome County at the landfill and recycling center. We also oversee the Environmental Management Council, Highway and Buildings and Grounds.
Veterans 607.778.2147 The Veteran's Service Agency renders a wide variety of services to an estimated 18,000 veterans and their families of all wars and conflicts as well as peacetime service. Service is also extended to active duty servicemen/women and their families.
Weights and Measures 607.778.6118 Our efforts benefit both the buyer and the seller. The buyer is assured that they get what they pay for and the seller is assured of a marketplace based on fair competition.
Willow Point Rehabilitation & Nursing Center 607.763.4400 Proud to provide long-term, skilled care, and/or short-term rehabilitation to those in need. We serve our Residents by increasing the quality of their lives, at the same time preserving their dignity and independence.
Youth Bureau 607.778.2085 The Broome County Youth Bureau was created in 1971 by a resolution of the Legislature and has an Advisory Board, appointed by the County Executive and the Legislature, which, along with its committees, meet regularly to discuss policy, to review program applications for funding and to guide and assist the staff.